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RESPURA CPAP Tube Cleaning System

RESPURA CPAP Tube Cleaning System

  • Use the end caps to secure a cleaning solution inside of the tube
  • Hang the hose to soak
  • Take off the end caps, flip the tube to dry, while hanging from your chosen surface
  • Cleans soaks & dries
  • Small convenient size - good for travel

It is primarily designed for the standard 22 mm hoses, but can also work well with most of the slimmer ones too.  The added hose caps could also be used to bung the ends of the hoses when not in use to keep out dust, animal hairs etc.

It is very easy to put together and contains both a top hook and rubber sucker to give the choice of how to secure it.  There are 2 plastic stoppers for placing over the ends of the hose when filling with the desired cleaning solution and leaving it to soak, and there are also 2 little clips to hang these stoppers on.

People will find their own way of preferred use, and there is also a demonstration on the video, but the basic idea is to place the stopper on one end of the hose and fill with cleaning solution of your choice, then place the other stopper on the opposite end of the hose and you can then safely swish the hose around without spilling the solution.  If you'd like to soak the solution inside the hose you can then  hang the hose with the stoppers pointing upwards.  After soaking, empty the contents and hang the hose upside down to drain and dry.



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