At Capital Home Medical Equipment, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of premium medical equipment at highly competitive rates, underpinned by our steadfast commitment to principles of equity and diverse choice. Situated as a locally owned and operated Medical Supply Store in Ottawa, our establishment stands as a reputable pillar within the community.

Throughout our operational history, we have diligently served a broad clientele, delivering professionally certified medical equipment that adheres to the highest standards. The enduring principles of fairness and selection have guided our business since its inception, shaping our identity as a reliable and principled purveyor of medical solutions.

Our team at Capital Home Medical Equipment comprises dedicated professionals who are not only highly skilled but also deeply committed to providing swift responses and consistently maintaining the highest quality of service. Recognizing the paramount importance of reliability and efficiency in the healthcare domain, we take pride in delivering excellence across all facets of our operations.

Distinguishing ourselves from conventional medical supply stores, we aspire to be a distinctive destination catering comprehensively to your home medical needs. From essential mobility aids to advanced sleep solutions and a spectrum of offerings in between, Capital Home Medical Equipment positions itself as the trusted partner for a diverse range of medical requirements. Our curated product range ensures that our clientele receives superlative solutions, meeting the exacting standards synonymous with our brand.

As an integral part of the Ottawa community, we embrace our role as a locally grounded healthcare resource. Beyond the transactional nature of typical medical supply stores, our mission is to cultivate enduring relationships with our clients. Whether you seek expert guidance or the latest innovations in home medical equipment, trust Capital Home Medical Equipment to surpass your expectations, contributing to your holistic well-being. 

Allow us to be your dedicated ally in elevating your quality of life through our exceptional products and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all of our customers with reliability and proven experience. We offer a unique "one-stop-shop" for all your home medical and mobility needs with a wide variety of products. 
Our vision is to be the home care & medical provider of choice for the people. We work closely with manufacturers to be able to get the lowest competitive pricing whilst offering state-of-the-art professional medical services including insurance navigation assistance. We have highly qualified healthcare professionals proudly serving our clients with a number of medical services.


We are proud to offer Professional medical services & products for:
Special medical conditions 

For individuals dealing with incontinence, we offer a discreet and reliable selection of products tailored to address specific needs. 

Our Ostomy Care range is designed to provide comfort and support for individuals undergoing urostomy or ostomy procedures. 

We understand the challenges associated with these conditions and strive to provide effective solutions to enhance the quality of life for our clients.

Recognizing the importance of nutrition and feeding, we offer a range of nutritional shakes and meal replacements. Complementing this, our Footcare and Footwear offerings are curated to address foot health, providing comfort and support.

Respiratory & Sleep Services including:

In the realm of respiratory care, our CPAP Therapy and Sleep Apnea Diagnostics Services are aimed at promoting restful sleep and managing respiratory conditions effectively. From oxygen therapy to products addressing asthma, COPD, and various lung diseases, our offerings encompass a comprehensive suite of solutions to support respiratory health.

  • CPAP Therapy

  • Sleep Apnea Diagnostics Services

  • Oxygen Therapy

  • Asthma, COPD & lung diseases management

  • Tracheostomy care products

Professional mobility services
Our commitment to mobility extends to Custom Wheelchair builds and repairs, ensuring that individuals with specific mobility requirements receive personalized solutions. Additionally, our selection of Custom walkers, rollators, and Electric Scooter Servicing caters to diverse mobility needs, promoting independence and freedom of movement.
  • Custom Wheelchair build and repairs

  • Custom walkers & rollators 

  • Electric Scooter Servicing

  • Electric Hospital Bed Delivery, Set-Up & Education

Our services also extend to rental equipment, including hospital beds, scooters, and bathroom aids, facilitating short-term solutions for those in need. Furthermore, we specialize in Tracheostomy care products, providing essential support for individuals with tracheostomies.

As part of our commitment to holistic healthcare, we have recently introduced our Home Sleep Test service, allowing individuals to conveniently assess their sleep health from the comfort of their homes. This service aligns with our mission to provide accessible and comprehensive healthcare solutions to our valued clients.

We Provide High Quality Supplies







Meet the Capital Home Medical Team

Amit Chawla

Founder & President

Amit carries a master's in engineering and comes from years of experience and management of manufacturing companies worldwide. Being well-versed in Manufacturer's procedures, and seeing the demand for medical care, he decided to get into the healthcare field. Capital Home Medical Equipment was founded in 2016 and has since expanded to several medical divisions and locations.

Rafael Mendonca

RRT, Manager

Rafael brings over a decade of leadership in Respiratory Therapy with a specialty focus on Standards of Practice, Polysomnography, Home Sleep Apnea Testing, Diagnostics & Treatment, Asthma & COPD management, Pulmonary Functions, Oxygen Therapy, and most importantly patient education. Rafael effectively uses modern, down-to-earth, high-caliber education, assessments & teaching methods ensuring the best possible outcomes for all patients.

Kerry-Lee Williams

CPAP Specialist, PSW

Kerry Lee is an essential part of the Respiratory team that brings knowledge, positive attitude, eagerness to learn and places patient care as the focus of her practice. From CPAP Set up, troubleshooting and insurance handling, she brings unparalleled customer service and CPAP titration and management.

Not only does Kerry specialize in CPAP Therapy but she has the knowledge and experience to assist with mobility, ostomy care and all rehab medical items.

Dahab Arafa


Meet Dahab, part of our CPAP team and an expert in oxygen supplies. For any information or consultations, Dahab is here to assist you. With her specialized knowledge, she ensures a seamless experience, providing all the support you need for your respiratory care.

Aaron Atkins

Front Desk Associate

Aaron is here to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect products to meet your individual requirements. Rest assured, your experience at our front desk with Aaron will be marked by efficiency, friendliness, and a genuine dedication to ensuring you leave with the right solutions for your needs.

Diana Limbo

Accounting & Admin

Hello, my name is Diana! I oversee the accounting and administrative department of the business. While I am not available for in-store assistance, I work hard on the back end to ensure everything is going as smoothly.

In my spare time I love to cook, go for walks and binge watch on Netflix. 

Ali Tayeb

Warehouse Manager

Meet Ali, our Warehouse Manager, bringing a wealth of experience with a Bachelor's in Management and 15 years as an Export Manager. Formerly an ALS Canada Account Coordinator, He now leads our team, ensuring operational excellence and contributing significantly to our success. 

Andre Dignard

Delivery and Logistics Associate

Andre takes charge of ensuring the smooth delivery and installation of the equipment you've requested. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, he plays a crucial role in making sure that our services meet and exceed your expectations. You can rely on Andre's expertise to ensure that your equipment is not only delivered promptly but also installed with precision, ensuring a seamless experience for you and our valued customers.

John Yarnell

Rehab Tecnician

Greetings, I'm a licensed orthopedic technologist with 2 years of expertise, specializing in renowned brands such as Arjo, Sigvarius and Jobs. My 10 years of hands-on experience includes a focus on wheelchair technologies and precise brace fitting for spinal fractures. Proficient with Aircast and passionate about bikes and sports, I bring a unique blend of technical skill and personal interest to our team.

Hamed Rastegar

Rehab Product Consultant

I have over 20 years of experience in sales and customer service. I have also owned three businesses and conducted research on cancer and the PET scanning system. Additionally, I have studied nuclear physics. My passion is helping people find the right resources for their recovery and mobility needs.

Brian Stafford

Respiratory Therapist

Hello, I'm a registered respiratory therapist since 2013, specializing in sleep therapy with a focus on sleep testing. Over the past four years, I've gained valuable experience in both home care and sleep testing, excelling in tasks such as CPAP setup, travel troubleshooting, and precise mask fitting. Beyond my professional life, I'm passionate about automotive and motorsports, finding joy in the dynamic blend of rural and city living.

John McEachern

Front Desk Associate

Whether you're exploring rentals, making purchases, or seeking information, John is your go-to person for all your needs. With a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to excellent customer service, John is here to guide and assist you in choosing the right products tailored to your specific requirements. Expect a seamless and friendly experience as John ensures that you receive the assistance you need, making your interactions with our front desk both informative and satisfying.

With a focus on personalized service and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, what are you waiting for? Contact us today



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The Doctor's Building

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The Doctor's Building

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