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ResMed AirMini™ + Setup Pack

ResMed AirMini™ + Setup Pack

 Product information:

  • Features the same proven ResMed device algorithms 
  • ActiveAir™ technology allows it to be small, quiet, and comfortable
  • Effective waterless humidification for portable convenience*
  • Convenient control with the AirMini app
  • AirView™ connectivity to manage patient compliance
  • Premium travel bag and accessories for therapy on the go 

*Currently not available when using full face masks

Small: AirMini is the world’s smallest CPAP – weighing less than a pound and fitting in the palm of your hand.

Smart: ActiveAir™, HumidX™ and the AirMini app make up a suite of smart technologies that allow AirMini to be comfortable, quiet and easy to use.

Proven: AirMini features the same trusted algorithms as our AirSense™ 10 devices – CPAP, AutoSet™ and AutoSet for Her.

ActiveAir technology

This crucial technology caps therapy flow while still increasing therapy pressure, which allows the system to be smaller, quieter and more efficient without compromising on therapy delivery or pressure swings.

AirMini with App available at CapitalMedicalSupply.caConvenient control with the AirMini app

Its quick and easy to apply settings to AirMini from your or your patient’s smart device. Simply access the clinical menu in the AirMini app and choose from therapy mode, pressure, EPR and Ramp to make your changes. 

Package Bundles (select your choice above)

  • AirMini™ + P10 Setup pack MASK INCLUDED
  • AirMini™ + N20 Setup pack 
  • AirMini™ + F20 Setup pack 
  • AirMini™ + N30 Setup pack MASK INCLUDED
  • AirMini™ + F30 Setup pack

Notes: ResMed AirMini is only compatible with the ResMed N20 and F20 series of masks (with special adapter), and the special P10 for AirMini mask. HumidX waterless humidification system only compatible with N20 or P10 for AirMini series of masks.

The AirMini™ + Setup pack includes these components:
AirMini™: AirMini™ is the world’s smallest CPAP at just 0.66 pounds (300 grams) and 5.4 x 3.3 x 2.0 inches.

AirMini™ + Setup pack: A setup pack is required to use AirMini™. This setup pack includes AirMini™ tubing, a mask connector as well as a HumidX™ and HumidX™ Plus waterless humidifier. Mask is not included.

Also included: External 20W power supply.


Video Library:


Maintenance and inspection 

  1. Regular inspection of your mask and its components for signs of damage is important to maintain optimal performance of your mask.
  2. For a thorough inspection, you should first disassemble the mask as per instructions in your user guide and inspect each part individually.


Check the mask frame and tube

  1. Examine both the inside and outside of the mask tube for any holes or tears. If damage is found, the frame will need to be replaced.
  2. Hold the frame and gently pull on each arm of your mask to ensure they are firmly attached and will provide good support.


Checking the nasal pillows

  1. Examine your nasal pillows inside and out for general wear and tear, blockages, damage and deformed pillows.
  2. A light squeeze on the sides of deformed pillows can help bring them back to shape. Replace them if they are damaged or no longer fit well.


Checking the headgear

  1. Hold the headgear in one hand and run your other hand along its length while stretching at various points to check for tears and its elasticity.
  2. If the headgear is torn, lost its elasticity or has damaged seams, you should replace it. 

AirMini specifications:

Pressure Range: 4-20 cm/H2O

Ramp: Off / 5–45 mins / Auto

Weight: 0.66 lbs or 300 grams

Dimensions: 5.4" (W) x 3.3" (D) x 2.1"H) 136 mm (W) x 84 mm (D) x 52 mm (H)

Noise Level: 30 dBA with uncertainty of 2 dBA

Warranty: 3 years from ResMed (Singapore and Australian made)


Does not come with 5 year service or clinical support. ONLINE SALE ONLY. NOT APPLICABLE IN-STORE. ALL SALES FINAL.


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