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Epicondylitis Clasp Epi-med Pro

Epicondylitis Clasp Epi-med Pro

Epi-med Pro is made out of polyamide and foam for a perfect fit. It is very soft and comfortable to wear.

How does Epi-med® help?
In order that irritation and pain subside, the overused tendon attachments of the Epicondylus must be relieved, which can be achieved with our Epicondylitis clasp. The applied Epi clasp exerts controlled pressure on tendons and musculature, which changes the force direction of the tendons, thus noticeably reducing tensile forces on the tendon attachments. This reduction of tension has a positive effect on the gliding behaviour of the tendon tissue and on the entire forearm musculature, thus easing muscle tension, while irritation and pain subside.

During hand and finger movement, the inner and outer pads* massage the tissue, where the proprioceptors** are stimulated by this pulling, stretching and pressing. This stimulation activates endogenous pain-inhibiting mechanisms on the spinal cord level (gate control theory). 


  • Silicone dots on both ends improve the massage effect.
  • Additional Flexi-Pads, between the clasp and the padding, intensify the pressure.
  • Special marks engraved on the strap ensure the right tightening.
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