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ResMed AirSense S10 AutoSet

ResMed AirSense S10 AutoSet

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Online CPAP purchase does not qualify for ADP subsidy.

All machines purchased through Capital Home Medical Equipment comes with all accessories including mask(s) and a 5 year service which includes:
- Free Rental in the event of a warranty
- No Service or Professional Fees
- No Shipping and Handling
- Physician Reporting & Troubleshooting
- Registered Respiratory Therapist Support.

AirSense™ 10 AutoSet

The AirSense™10 AutoSet™ is the top of the line auto-adjusting device that automatically adjusts pressure settings determined by its AutoSet™ algorithm technology. The AirSense™10 series features an integrated heated humidifier system and can be used with the ClimateLineAir™ heated tube. This is great for people that are sensitive to dryness from the use of CPAP and it provides humidity throughout

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