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ResMed AirMini HumidX™ - 3pk, 6pk N20, F20, P10, N30

ResMed AirMini HumidX™ - 3pk, 6pk N20, F20, P10, N30

ResMed HumidX™ for AirMini™ is an innovative waterless system designed to bring efficient humidification to ResMed’s portable therapy system.

Compact and discreet, HumidX is the ideal choice for patients who want comfortable, portable and effective* waterless humidification.

How it works

As a patient exhales, heat and moisture are captured and stored within the tiny ridges of HumidX. The exhaled heat and moisture are released when the patient inhales, providing comfortable therapy throughout the night.

Technology reinvented

Some hospital devices have been using waterless humidification for over 50 years. What sets HumidX apart from other CPAP waterless humidification solutions is its placement. HumidX is inserted in front of the vent of the patient’s mask, allowing it to capture the air’s warmth and humidity before it escapes through the vent.† In doing so, heat and moisture loss are minimized, enabling AirMini to deliver portable humidification at a similar level to traditional bedside devices

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