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Epicondylitis Clasp Epi-Med

Epicondylitis Clasp Epi-Med

The Epicondylitis-Clasp achieves mechanical relief of the tendon attachments at the epicondyles. The clasp compresses the forearm musculature at its largest circumference below the elbow, without impairing blood flow

The clasp helps to relieve discomfort on both sides of the forearm. The angle of movement of the extensor musculature on the outside and of the flexor musculature on the inside of the forearm is altered so that when the clasp is correctly positioned the tendon attachment points are relieved on both sides. The pad which has to be placed on the inner forearm is the smaller of the two, thereby increasing pressure on this side.

The clasp should only be worn during work or sporting activities. Because of its size it is unobtrusive and does not impair blood flow of the forearm unlike conventional circular bandages.

Size measured by circumference of forearm 1,5 to 2’’ below elbow. 

The material components:
Plastic Clasp: 100% Polycarbonate
Velcro fastenings: 100 % Polyamide
Padding: 55 % Wool, 45 % Viscose
Elastic belt: 76 % Polyamide, 16 % Viscose, 8 % Elasthane

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