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E2 Ceiling Mount Trapeze

E2 Ceiling Mount Trapeze

Ergonomic and Award-winning trapeze handle.

The e2 Ceiling Mount Trapeze allows you to reach up from a lying-down position and use your arms to pull yourself up into a seated position. The award-winning e2 ergonomic trapeze handle will help you sit up and get up. 


Climbing the ladder.

Like rungs on a ladder, the handle improves the use of arm strength and increases comfort. The Trapeze is designed to provide support, and stability, and assist users' mobility in bed.

Out of the way.

The handle can slide to one side of the bed or be removed and stored out of the way when not in use. This flexibility allows for multiple users in one location if needed, and easy storage when you choose with as easy uninstall/install process.
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