All about Lift Chairs

What is a lift chair?

A lift chair is powered to mechanically help its user sit down and get up from a seated position safely. With the push of a button, the user can recline or be lifted to a situation where it’s easier to comfortably stand up. Also called lift and recline chairs, they all recline but differ in the degree of recline offered. Some lift chairs offer recline positioning with therapeutic benefits.

What are the types of lift chairs?

Lift chairs are differentiated by the degree of recline they can reach, the recline mechanism, and the position of the footrest. There are three types of lift chairs: two-position, three-position, and infinite position. All kinds of lift chairs will lift the user to a position where their feet are on the floor and they can easily stand up.


Two-position lift chairs

Two-position lift chairs recline to a 45-degree angle so that the user is only leaning back slightly. For many, this is a comfortable position for reading and watching TV.


Three-position lift chairs

Three-position lift chairs can recline to an almost flat position and can stop at any degree of recline in between. The user’s body will be in a slight “V” at the hips with the backrest reclined and their knees and feet will be higher than their hips. This is perfect for napping or for people who are not able to sleep lying flat in a bed. It is also possible to read and watch TV with a three-position lift chair.


Infinite position lift chairs

Infinite position lift chairs (also known as zero-gravity or full recline) can recline into a flat position (where the backrest is parallel to the floor, and anywhere in between). Some models can lift a person’s feet above his/her head into therapeutic positions. The Trendelenburg position is where the user’s feet are positioned above their head to alleviate pressure on the lower back and improve circulation. The Zero Gravity position is where the authority is slightly higher than the hips and the lower body (with a slight bend in the knees) is higher than the heart. This position relieves spinal pressure, and muscle tension, and improves circulation.

How do lift chairs work?

Two- and three-position chairs are powered by one motor that controls the chair, recline, and footrest. When the backrest reclines, the footrest must extend; they cannot operate independently of each other. Two-position lift chairs do not require much space and are a great option if all you require is to watch TV and read.

Infinite-position lift chairs usually have two motors that can work independently from each other. One motor will normally control the backrest and the other controls the footrest. This allows you to be in a seated position, with your legs extended in front.

Features to Consider When Buying the Best Lift Chair for You

There are many details to think about when searching for the perfect lift chair. And in some cases, you may want to speak to your doctor about the best ones for you. 


Position options. Is important to find out how many positions the chair has, and identify which positions are the most important to you.


Weight capacity. Check the weight capacity of your chair because it works with a motor. Most lift chairs have a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, but chairs with higher weight limits are available as well.


Material. Research what the chair is made of, and, if possible, test it out at a store. Some people need a firmer chair, depending on their comfort level or if they have a specific need.


A non-slip bottom. You don’t want to have to worry about the chair sliding as you’re sitting down or standing up, so be sure the bottom features a non-slip grip and the chair itself is sturdy.


Fun features. Some lift chairs offer a variety of features that are not medically necessary but may improve the overall experience of the chair.


Size. Lift chairs can be large, so measure it and the space you’re planning on putting it in to make sure the chair you want fits properly.

Now Available

Pride® Power Lift Recliners

Essential - LC-105 

An economical 3-position lift recliner that is reliable and easy to use without sacrificing comfort.
  • 325 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Wooden frame composed of engineered furniture grade laminate/hardwood for added strength and durability.
  • Quiet and smooth lift system.
  • Heavy-duty lift actuator & scissor mechanism.
  • Fire retardant (California specifications; bulletin 117-2013).
  • Standard, large dual pockets.
  • Easy-to-remove back.
  • Integrated battery backup in case of power failure.
  • Energy-efficient power box with 9' cord.
  • Lifetime warranty on steel lift frame.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Rolled armrests.



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