The Proof is in the Pudding - ExciteOSA Therapy Positive Results Mild Sleep Apnea

BY Rafael Mendonca, RRT 


Nov 3, 2023

"Breakthroughs happen when limiting thoughts and behaviors are challenged"

What I love about this quote is that it highlights that limitation comes from not challenging ourselves on the unknown and the "impossible". When one of the biggest self limitations is what we know, not what we don't, it forces us to push the boundaries of what we consider possible. 

Imagine living in the Roman times where methods of transportation consisted of horses, wagons and Wooden ships, seeing what we have now such as cars, Airplanes and Subways, all these "everyday" normal fast-transport vehicles were once a dream and a thought. Imagine being the one at the time to say it was impossible? 

To be fair, majority of us would, because at the time it would seem very silly and futuristic.

Those that saw beyond what was possible (the known) and challenged how things were done/made were able to succeed in the development and invention of such equipment.

What does this have to do with Sleep Apnea? 

For many years and to this day, Positive Airway Pressure has been the go-to treatment for treatment of all severities. As a secondary treatment alternative, a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) can also be used depending the case. In either case, this requires nightly patient compliance and can be hard for some individuals. 

What if there was a way of NOT wearing a therapy at night and only during the day? What if there was a way of stopping snoring, improving sleep quality and improving the Apnea-Hypopnea-Index (stoppage in breathing).

The good news is that there is an Innovative Medical Supplier that has taken the concept of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMEs) and applied it to one of the strongest muscles we have 

- the tongue genioglossus muscle. 

This company is starting to successfully disprove the nay-sayers regarding therapy effectiveness. 

Did you know...

- ExciteOSA revealed reduced snoring and highly improved Sleep disordered Breathing 

- Pronounced improvement in supine sleeping (Sleeping on the back)

- ExciteOSA is only used during the day.

Check out this New Randomized Clinical Trial Results for eXciteOSA Therapy that showed VERY promising results.

Although the sample size is small, it has revealed the power of daytime therapy and the effects in sleep quality. 

Get yours today!

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