Relief from Fear of Failing CPAP compliance

BY Rafael Mendonca, RRT Manager


Oct 26, 2021

Tips for Success with your Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy system

So you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, then you had to jump through many hoops to get the right prescription, but now that you are “all set-up” for CPAP therapy you find it is a big-pill to swallow, as one might say, especially with air being forced down your throat 8 hours a day.

Let’s face it, CPAP compliance can be difficult! Sleep Therapists know it is easier said than done, so they have shared some useful CPAP tips and tricks to help you have a better nights rest without cutting off the nose to spite the face, (or your long-term health).

A good fit

Darth Vader makes it look so easy, and he seems to always have his mask on, so why do you feel challenged keeping your mask on just through the night? You have been prescribed or fitted for a mask that should work well with your sleeping behaviors and facial structures. And you have been educated about proper use of the equipment and regular cleaning. So, why is it leaking? Weight-gain/loss is a common reason for unexplained leakage, as it may no longer contour to your face the same as it once did. Also, facial hair and standard bed pillows are notorious for interfering with a good seal. Consider resting your head on a pillow designed for CPAP users, and/or use a gel mask leak sealer to bring yourself better sleep without need to join the darkside.

Keep on keeping it on

Getting used to the mask, the machine, the bedtime routine takes time. It is understandable if, at times, you just want to take the mask off in frustration, as it is supposed to be the thing that helps you sleep, not you wake up! However, be careful that you don’t create a new restless sleep pattern to remove the {insert preferred bad words here} mask regularly. Try to keep it on a little longer each night as you adjust to the change of sleep progress.

Note your progress, there’s an app for that.

Most likely your machine keeps track of your compliance, and the latest modelseven share it wirelessly with your sleep therapist. When you track your own progress daily you will be more motivated to succeed. Non-medical devices can also help you track your sleep like wearable

fitness trackers or smartphone apps. ResMed, a popular brand in sleep therapy, has an app named myAir™ which is a support program to help you track your sleep therapy that works in conjunction with their latest CPAP models. In iTunes, iPhone users will likely like Sleeptracker 24/7 which is currently rated 4.4 out of 5 stars. Of course a good old-fashioned pad of paper & pencil work well. Note the time you head to bed, the time you wake up, and most importantly how you’re feeling—not even an app can do that, yet!

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