BY Rafael Mendonca, RRT Manager


Oct 4, 2021

To clean or not to clean, that is the question.

How long does OxyGo fit battery last?

  • The battery life for the OxyGo Fit can last up to 5 hour

Is OxyGo made by Inogen?

  • Yes. Inogen is the Brand name in the USA while OxyGo is Canadian.

Can Inogen be used 24/7?

  • Yes. All Inogen/OxyGo concentrators are approved to be used 24/7.

What company makes OxyGo?

  • Mcarthur Medical makes OxyGo.

Does anything have to be replaced?

  • The OxyGo Fit produces oxygen via the Oxygen Sieve beds (Columns). Generally, the sieve beds are replaced every 18-24 months but is dependent on usage. 

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