Do’s of Oxygen Therapy

By Sarah Pitt, RRT


Oct 18, 2022

1. Place an Oxygen Safety sign on your door, these are generally provided by your Home Oxygen Provider. Please check for Provincial and local By-Laws in your area.

2. Ensure you have a working and easily accessible fire extinguisher in your home and your vehicle. Ensure you family is trained on how to use the fire extinguisher.

3. Ensure you have working smoke detectors and CO2 detectors in your home. Contact your local fire department to let them know you have oxygen in your home.

4. Cooking with home oxygen is not advised.

5. While using your home oxygen equipment, the concentrators and soft supplies should not be in the same room as heat or spark generating products or appliances, sources of heat or open flames.

6. Air out your home regularly.

7. Use water based lubricants only, like Secaris® for dry nose/nares.

Don'ts of Oxygen Therapy

1. Do no use oil-based or petroleum based products like Vaseline® or Vicks® on your face, hands or body.

2. Do not use aerosolized products like deodorant, solvents, air fresheners or hairspray.

3. Do not store your oxygen equipment in your car, on your scooter. Please only keep your oxygen in these areas when in use..

4. Do not store or use your equipment in enclosed environments like a closet or under a blanket. Always keep your equipment in a well ventilated area.

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