Guided Introduction to CPAP 

with a Registered Respiratory Therapist

Your CPAP Coach will guide you through essential steps, including:

OSA Education & Medical History Review

CPAP Therapy Overview and Alternative Options

CPAP Mask and Equipment Fitting: Ensure a comfortable fit with Virtual expert guidance.

CPAP Funding Options: Discover available funding through OHIP and/or private insurance to support your CPAP journey.

*Complimentary Insurance Navigation with every CPAP Set Up*

Seamless Delivery 

to Your Doorstep

Experience hassle-free delivery of your CPAP equipment:

Free Shipping Across Ontario: Enjoy complimentary shipping anywhere in Ontario, ensuring a convenient and cost-effective process.

Swift Delivery within 5 Business Days: Receive your CPAP equipment promptly, within 5 business days or less from the date of your consultation.

CPAP Therapy 

Initiation Consult and Monitoring

Now that you have your CPAP equipment, take the next step towards therapy success:

Telehealth Appointment with the RRT:
We will schedule a telehealth consultation to review your equipment and guide you through the initiation of CPAP therapy.

Set Up for Success: Benefit from personalized monitoring, titration and reporting to your physician.


Welcome to Capital Home Medical Equipment Virtual CPAP Consultations: Your Path to Restful Sleep

We prioritize your sleep health by bringing expert consultations directly to your fingertips. Discover the convenience and personalized care of remote consultations, tailored to enhance your understanding of sleep apnea and optimize your CPAP therapy experience.

General Information: 

Unlock the Secrets to Better Sleep

Understanding sleep apnea is the first step towards a more restful night. Our virtual consultations provide comprehensive education on sleep apnea, empowering you with knowledge about the condition and its impact on your overall well-being. Explore the latest information and insights from our sleep health experts.

The Process: Your Journey to Improved Sleep Begins Here


Schedule Your Virtual Consultation:

Book your virtual session at a time that suits your schedule. No need to travel – consultations take place from the comfort of your home.


Meet Our Respiratory Therapists:

Connect with our experienced sleep health professionals who specialize in addressing sleep apnea concerns. They will guide you through the virtual consultation, answering your questions and providing personalized advice.


Comprehensive Sleep Apnea Assessment:

Receive a thorough evaluation of your sleep apnea condition. Our experts will discuss your symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle factors to tailor a treatment plan that suits your unique needs.


Explore CPAP Therapy Options:

Dive into the world of CPAP therapy and discover the range of machines and mask options available. Learn about the mechanics of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and find the solution that aligns with your preferences and comfort.


Individualized Treatment Recommendations:

Based on the assessment and your preferences, our experts will provide personalized recommendations for your sleep apnea therapy. Whether it's adjusting your current CPAP settings or exploring alternative solutions, we're here to optimize your sleep health.

Connect with our experts online to ensure optimal sleep apnea management without leaving your space.

Why Choose Virtual CPAP Consultations?


Access expert advice without leaving your home. Schedule consultations at your convenience, eliminating the need for travel.

Personalized Care

Receive individualized attention and support throughout your journey. Our experts are committed to addressing your unique concerns and ensuring effective sleep apnea management.

Empowering Knowledge

Stay informed with the latest insights into sleep apnea and CPAP therapy. Empower yourself with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your sleep health.
Embark on your journey to restful sleeps! Schedule your session today and take the first step towards a healthier, more rejuvenating night's sleep.



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