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Sonair™ Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer by MedPro®

Portable Nebulizer | Battery Powered | Adult & Pediatric


Sonair™ nebulizes liquid medication, providing ultra-fine mist that permeates the lungs faster for convenient and effective respiratory treatment. So quiet you can’t even hear that it is on!

  • Silent and Discreet Nebulization

  • Compact + Portable

  • One-Touch Operation

  • Rechargeable

*Nebulizer kit includes: 1 adult and 1 child mask, mouthpiece, USB cable, Accessory bag, Quick start and Instruction manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Sonair use contraindicated with any medications?

A: Yes - Sonair should not be used with Pentamidine - Patients with Pulmonary Edema,Acute Asthma, and Acute Pulmonary Infarction Episodes should not use Sonair.

Q: What is the maximum medication capacity?

A: 10 ml

Q: Is there a minimum medication quantity requirement?

A: Yes, the minimum quantity should be at 0.5 ml in order for the medication to have contact with the mesh.

Q: Can Ventolin (salbutamol) be used for nebulization?

A: Yes - Ventolin (salbutamol) has been tested and is ok to use.

Q: Can Sonair be used with Pulmicort?

A: Yes - Pulmicort was tested and can be used with Sonair.

Q: Can Sonair be used for Sputum Inductions?

A: Yes, Sonair can nebulize hypertonic saline solutions for sputum inductions (diagnose tuberculosis and other lung infections)

Q: Are the Compressor and Sonair Nebulizers compatible with DMSO?

A: No

Q: During nebulization should you be seeing any condensation when using Sonair?

A: No, you should not be seeing condensation. When the mesh is not cleaned properly after each use, the micro holes get blocked and that causes condensation

Q: Can Sonair be cleaned with vinegar and water?

A: Please refer to the CLEANING AND DISINFECTING Section in the User Guide.

It is recommended to use warm soapy water (below 40°C).

- Vinegar may be used to clean the medicine cup and accessories.

Q: Can the medication cup be placed in a dishwasher?

A: No - Using a dishwasher can be corrosive to the nebulizing headand may damage the accessories.

Q: Are there replacement parts for Sonair?

A: Yes - There are adult and child mask replacements, along with the medicine cups.

Q: Are the contraindications listed above unique to Sonair? (Patients with Pulmonary Edema, Acute Asthma, and Acute Pulmonary Infarction Episodes should not use Sonair.)

A:This information is NOT product specific.This contraindication would apply to the category of all nebulizers (not only mesh) for the following reasons:

1. Atomization inhalation may lead to increased dyspnea

2. Respiratory secretions, may lead to increased secretions and obstruction of the respiratory tract, thus aggravating the condition

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