Vendor on record for ministry of health & longterm Care

ADP (Assistive Devices Program) Authorized Vendor 



The convenience of magnification with both hands free to hold a book or to perform a hobby or craft. Large viewing area. Support cord is adjustable for comfortable use.

  • 16H036A Hands-Free, each


This break resistant and microwave safe 9” scoop plate allows the user to push food against the high back wall and onto their cutlery. The entry side is low for easy entry. Plate has a non-slip base to keep the plate in one position. Rim around the top of the plate is useful for grasping while scooping food. 

  • 16T115 White, each
  • 16T115BL Blue, each






The push/pull hook on one end is helpful with many articles of clothing. The other end has a zipper pull. Wooden shaft is 24” long.

  • 16D013 24” Dressing Stick, each


A flexible sock with nylon webbing straps. Curved shape holds stocking on the aid while pulling it up the leg.

  • 16D005 Standard, each

This crystal clear plastic mug has double handles to make holding the mug easy. Lid has drinking spout to control flow and avoid spillage. The transparent design instantly shows the level of contents. Dishwasher safe. Replacement lids are available.

  • 16T123 Double Handle Mug, with Lid, Clear, 295mL/10oz, each
  • 16T125 Double Handle Mug, with Lid, Clear, 10oz No-Slip Base, each
  • 16T126 Double Handle Mug, Without Lid,ea 16T129 Mug With Lid, Anti-Slip Bottom, Weighted, each

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Button Hooks enable the person with poor dexterity or only one hand to do up buttons. The deluxe models are mounted in Comfort Grip.

  • 16D020 Deluxe, Small Hoop, each
  • 16D021 Deluxe, Large Loop, each
  • 16D022 With Wood Handle, 6”, Small Hoop, each
  • 16D023 With Wood Handle, 6”, Large Hoop, each
  • 16D024 Button Hook/Zipper Pull, Each 


  • 16T045 Foam Tubing, each
  • 16H040 Reacher weighs only 170gm (6oz) and is supplied with magnetic tip for picking up pins, nails etc.
  • 16H041 Reacher is supplied with magnetic tip for picking up pins, nails etc. but is 32” long and weighs 210gm (8oz).
  • 16H042 is 32” extended but with the added folding feature for compact storage. Folds down to 12.5” (32cm) long.

16H040 26” Straight Reacher, each

16H041 32” Straight Reacher, each

16H042 Folding Reacher, 32” Extended, 12.5” folded, each

Cutlery with a grip handle designed for independence at meal time. These utensils allow maximum user control with minimum effort. The Comfort Grip has a soft vinyl coating with finger indentation for a secure grip. Dishwasher safe. Four piece set includes knife, fork, teaspoon and soup spoon.

  • 16T001 Straight Knife, each
  • 16T002 Straight Fork, each
  • 16T003 Straight Teaspoon, each
  • 16T004 Straight Soup Spoon, each
  • 16T090 Four Piece Set, each

Useful for building up the handle of many items. Foam is closed cell so it won’t absorb moisture. 1.25” outside diameter,.375” inner hole and and 36” length. May be cut to size for replacement grips on soft handle cutlery. 16T045 Foam Tubing, each


Same great features as the straight handle cutlery except with an angled end.

  • 16T005 Left Hand Fork, each
  • 16T006 Right Hand Fork, each
  • 16T007 Left Hand Spoon, each
  • 16T008 Right Hand Spoon, each
  • 16T025 Left Hand Teaspoon, each
  • 16T026 Right Hand Teaspoon, each

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