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Respiratory Care & Products

Professional. Reliable. Affordable.

For numerous years Capital Home Medical has been a national leader in respiratory management equipment distributor and educator. Enjoy our every day low prices for on-going management of Asthma, COPD, and many other pulmonary pathologies.

Trust the expert advice from our team of Registered Respiratory Therapists!

RSV Virus Respiratory Synsitial Virus

Managing Lung Illnesses 

Managing Lung Illnesses 

Whether you are newly diagnosed or already an expert in managing your lung condition, rest assured there will always be support for your lung management. 

With medical technology rapidly advancing, there is always something new that could make a positive impact in your health plan. With years of experience managing pulmonary diseases both in acute and home care, our Respiratory Therapists have sourced only the best products for you and provide education for all our products.


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