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SuperPole with superbar

SuperPole with superbar

The SuperPole with SuperBar™ provides the best of both worlds – freedom and safety combined. Floor to ceiling grab bars are especially beneficial for individuals aging in place who may be prone to falling or loss of balance due to age-related issues. The of these grab bars makes them easier for them to reach and offers more security than conventional wall-mounted grab bars.

Support that moves with you.

The SuperBar is easily adjustable to fit your needs and can be moved up or down the pole as needed. There are 8 locking positions around the SuperBar - one every 45 degrees. Simply lift the SuperBar to move the rail and lower it to lock it into place. Ergonomic, award-winning safety that is easy to use.

Installation is clean, easy, and straightforward

No drilling required! If you have a floor and a ceiling, we have support for you. Easy to install and take down the SuperPole in minutes by turning the jackscrew at the bottom of the pole to create enough pressure between the floor and ceiling for solid support.
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