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The SuperPole is the ideal solution for those who need additional stability or support but don’t want to give up their independence. This floor-to-ceiling pole provides secure, comfortable, and adjustable support anywhere you need it in the home. Its unique design also allows people to safely move from a bed, chair, wheelchair, or toilet without ever having to have a caregiver present.

The SuperPole is made from alloy steel that can withstand the rigors of daily use while remaining lightweight and stable. Floor to ceiling poles can easily be adapted according to individual needs, with installation taking only 15 minutes it can be placed in tight spaces or contoured against any wall when needed – creating an accessible space in any setting. The award winning design increases safety, convenience, and offers a wide range of adjustability options for anyone looking to maintain their independence with utmost safety and comfort.


No drilling required. Ideal for relocating. Ideal for removing.

Floor to ceiling poles can easily be adapted according to individual needs and provide extra help when getting up from a sitting position. Installation is quick and easy as the pole is secured by using jackscrew that is so strong that the top plate does not require drilling into the floor or ceiling.
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