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Oxygen Assessments & Therapy

We understand the importance and impact of timely assessment and initiation of oxygen therapy. This is why we provide same-day oxygen assessments and can provide oxygen therapy solutions right away. Don't want the on-going costs of rental? We assist with the entire process of Insurance Claims ensuring you are maximally covered, often leading to minimal to no out-of-pocket expenses


Oxygen Services

Through our comprehensive respiratory and global assessment approach and technical knowledge, we offer one of the best initial Set-Up and on-going oxygen support.


We bridge the gap between your health plan and your family physician to assist you with obtaining an Oxygen Prescription if medically required and ability to start oxygen therapy.

Do I Need a Referral?

You do not need a referral. All results will be shared with your family physician for continuity of care.


At Capital Home Medical we offer both Rental and purchase options because we know situations differ and needs are not the same for everyone.

If we are on long-term therapy, why pay on-going continuous rental fees when you can get oxygen therapy through a one-time purchase or an affordable payment plan?


Put some money back in your pocket with our affordable rental and purchase options!

Can I purchase Oxygen Therapy without a Prescription?

No. Oxygen Therapy is considered a medical gas drug which requires a prescription for any rental or purchase of oxygen equipment.

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Oxygen Therapy Funding

Currently, we offer fast and convenient private routes for obtaining oxygen therapy. We do not offer Home Oxygen Program Funding.


Did you know Insurance companies actually prefer to payout the cost of the Oxygen Therapy? By limiting the rental costs, you limit the amount spent on your insurance plan leaving additional room for other medical claims.

Talk to a professional today for more information on the insurance process!


With all the technology today, we are pleased to provide only the best for our patients.

  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators

  • 5L Stationary Concentrators

  • 10L Stationary Concentrators

  • All oxygen supplies.

Not all oxygen systems are the same and the product that would best fit the patient's lifestyle and medical needs will be guided by the therapist.

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