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Smooth, PVC feeding tube has a closed distal end, staggered bevelled eyes, external mounted connector with plug and is available in different sizes.

  • 54-5015 5fr, 38cm (15”), 100/bx
  • 54-5036 5fr, 94cm (36”), 100/bx
  • 54-8015 8fr, 38cm (15”), 100/bx

Syringes are available in both bulb and piston styles.

Bulb Syringe 

  • Soft, pliable, textured polymer bulb for maximum control of drawn or expelled fluid 
  • Latex Free Piston Syringe
  • Thumb ring helps minimize hand slippage and prevent contamination
  • Latex Free D20121 Bulb, each D20120 Piston, each

Suction canisters used for fluid collection. Easy to use, just insert dip tube into suction canister, connect to pump. Available in various sizes. Disposable and autoclavable.

  • CPI213080002CP Disposable, 800cc, 12/box
  • CPIASP047 Autoclavable, 1200cc, each 


The Compat DualFlo Enteral Feeding Pump is an advanced delivery system designed to administer tube feeding formula and water for patient hydration. Users can program the pump to provide individualized patient hydration protocols, automatic flushes of the feeding tube, or formula at pre-set strength. Its delivery set security doors reduce the chance of set dislodgement and enable the immediate detection of a free flow. Audio/visual alarms indicate empty container, occluded line, dose delivered, low battery, and open delivery set door. DualFlo also features automatic priming of the delivery set.

For use with the DualFlo Feeding Pump: the COMPAT DualFlo Piercing Spike and 1L (33.8oz) Water Vinyl Bag for closed system feedings or the COMPAT DualFlo 1L (33.8oz) Formula Vinyl Bag and 1L (33.8oz) Water Vinyl Bag.

NN9521437 Feeding Pump, Dualflo, each.

UL approved; meets IEC 60601-1. High vacuum range for various suction needs - up to 560 mm Hg (22” Hg). Flow range higher than ever - over 40lpm at regulator inlet. Every unit is equipped with a hospital-grade plug. Collection canisters have improved scratch and flake resistance. Vibration-free gauge for easy reading and vacuum control. Durable metal canister brackets accommodate a variety of collection containers.

  • S330 800 cc disposable canister, 1 tubing with filter, molded base, 115/60, each

Durable 6mm diameter tubing will withstand heavy duty suctioning. Each tube has two female connectors to attach to any male connector.

  • AM615402 Bottle, 46cm (18”) (connects bottle to machine), each
  • D50215 Machine, 1.8m (6’) (connects catheter to bottle), each







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