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Looking for a trusted CPAP vendor? What about a simple take-home test for sleep apnea testing? Maybe CPAP didn’t work despite many masks and pressure adjustments, or maybe your provider didn't perform the regular follow ups or proper CPAP titration as per AASM criteria. We may be able to help!


Did you know there are alternative solutions for sleep apnea rather than CPAP? Sleep issues can also be due to other factors along with sleep apnea which we assist in finding a solution that potentially works for you through our partner collaborations!

Our team and services have been built on trust and quality patient care. We provide honest and budget friendly solutions. Through extensive sleep medicine education, collaboration with renowned Respirologists, Respiratory Therapists, Polysomnography Technicians and working with Family Physicians, we provide unbeatable services in Ottawa, Ontario for CPAP Therapy,  Oxygen Therapy and Respiratory Care such as Asthma & COPD.

From initial sleep and/or oxygen assessment to the final therapy decision, provincial coverage and private insurance navigation and guidance, we work with you every step of the way making a crystal clear picture of what needs to be done and what you are covered for eliminating any surprises. Direct Billing is also available through select insurance companies and policies which a consultation either virtually by video or in-person is required. Thanks to over a decade of experience with private insurance, we are proudly the only provider in Ottawa to offer these services.

Centrally located in the heart of Bells Corners and Centrepoint, we offer a convenient location for less commute. We also offer Virtual appointments for CPAP re-supplies and can ship anywhere nationwide! Ready to book? Click Here

Experience the new era of sleep education, on-going support, follow ups, reminders and overall CPAP Therapy the way you deserve. Experience the New Era Don’t get in line or settle for suboptimal services!

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