Salter Conventional

Converts to shoulder carrier with detachable strap. Padded comfort waist belt adjusts up to 56 inches Adjustable side straps provide snug, supportive fit to lower back. 

Vertical Cylinder Bag, this bag can be worn vertically, or horizontally by attaching the strap to the bottom of the bag.
Available ifor B/M6 cylinder


Clear Oxygen Tubing

Oxygen Cannula Accessories

Salter Tender Grip is a unique skin fixation system that holds Cannula in place Adult Tender Grips shown.

Wheelchair Bag

The Air Lift Handi-Air Tote is the perfect travelling companion. 

​  It accomodates two cylinders, up to size D, as well as a wide range of portable liquid systems and many portable oxygen concentrators.

Salter Adult Quiet Cannula for flow rates up to 8 LPM Larger Reservoir ensures quiet delivery of oxygen
Curved Nasal Prongs

Airlift Shoulder Bag

Green Oxygen Tubing

Salter Demand Cannula is specifically designed for use with dual port oxygen conserving devices.Features include dual tubing set, curved nasal prongs, and over the ear tubing.

Airlift Fanny Pack

Salter Demand

Green Oxygen Tubing

Salter Adult Micro Cannula, Low Flow Cannula for use with up to 3 LPM
Curved Nasal Prongs

Airlift Wheelchair Bag

Airlift Liquid Fanny Pack

Oxygen Therapy Accessories

Salter Small

Airlift Handi-Air Tote

KEGO Horizontal Bag

Salter Original

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Salter's TLCannula are designed for increased long term patient comfort.  They are assembled with gray coloured, close celled, soft foam cushions placed over the cannula tubes.  This helps to decrease discomfort where the cannula fits over the ear..

Vertical Bag

Salter Clear Oxygen Supply Tubing
Crush resistant, three-channel safety design

Oxygen Cylinder Carrying Bags

Salter Quiet

Airlift Camera-Style Horizontal Bag for Oxygen Cylinders
Fits Sizes M6, B, C/M9 Cylinders

Precision Medical Cylinder Bag has an adjustable strap to convert from Shoulder to Horizontal Bag Accessory Pocket on side

Your Feel Better Partners

Salter TLCannula

Airlift Liquid Portable Backpack converts to a Shoulder Bag
Fully Adjustable

Oxygen Cannula

Vertical Wheelchair Cylinder Bag  Holds 1 X D/E Cylinder

Airlift Back Pack

Airlift Liquid Backpack/Shoulder Bag

Airlift Small Liquid Fanny Pack 
Will accomodate Small Liquid Portable Systems Fully adjustable waist belt, and two zippered pockets for accessories

Salter Green Oxygen Supply Tubing
Crush resistant, three-channel design

E-Z Wrap Foam Tubes are designed to prevent ear chafing

Salter Soft

Salter Micro

Salter Labs Hydrocolloid Strips are skin friendly strips that can be used in place of your regular adhesive tape. 

Airlift Liquid Oxygen and Personal Accessory Bag for Wheelchair, Walkers and Scooters Accomodates all portable liquid systems
Adjustable upper and lower straps

Horizontal Cylinder Bag Holds M6/M9/ML6 Cylinders

Airlift Back Pack converts to a Shoulder Bag using Detachable Straps Conserving Device/ Accessory Pocket Available in two sizes

Vertical cylinder bags
Available in D and C sizes

Kink resistant 6 channel star lumen design Standard connectors for universal fit Oxygen tubing Latex free

Airlift Wheelchair/ Scooter Cylinder Bag has adjustable upper and lower stabilizing straps. Available in two sizes

Salter Adult Style Conventional Cannula  Non-flared Tips

Salter Small Cannula, for flow rates up to 3 or 6 LPM

Oxygen Tubing

Adult High Flow Cannula 6-15 LPM 
Curved Nasal Prongs and Bright Green Supply Tubing

Soft, stretchable tubing lessens pressure on the ears and face Fells light to the touch

Salter Adult Original Cannula for flow rates up to 6 LPM
Curved Nasal Prongs

Airlift Horizontal Bag

Salter High Flow

Salter Comfort Care Head Cannula

The Salter Comfort Care Head Cannula is a unique design allowing for adjustment, versatile tubing configuration, and increased patient comfort.

Precision Medical Shoulder Bag

Airlift Liquid Wheelchair/Walker

Airlift Shoulder Bag for Oxygen Cylinders
Conserving Device/Accessory Pocket
Available in 3 sizes

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